The telematic dress project began at Nottingham-Trent University’s DAP lab as an exploration into the development of performative fashion and the sharing these garments across distance. The Arizona State University team joined the project in the fall of 2004 with an interest in exploring shared telematic space and ultimately the notion performers cooperatively embodying remote spaces.

 Project Participants
Johannes Birringer, Michèle Danjoux, Gemma Harrison, Joe Cope, Marie Denis, Natalie Verhaegen, Helenna Ren, Yoon Bo Shim, Helen Knight
Arziona State:
John Mitchell, Galina Mihaleva, AJ Niehaus, Keira Hart, Helen Raleigh
Corpos Informaticos:
Bia Medeiros, Carla Rocha, and Team
Yukihiko Yoshida, Saeko Miyake
Ellen Bromberg and Team
Yuji Stone, Ming Sheng, Mark Mitchell

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