tedre 2

 The Telematic Dress Projects: Phase Two
May 2004- December 2005

tedre is as much about defining a new way for artists to invent form together by shifting disciplines, venues and altering space as it is about opening up a global dialogic, a participatory call in which to explore the possibilities of ever shifting history, memory, geography, cultural perspectives & technologies. Building on the work of ADaPT (Association for dance and Performance Telematics), tedre continues to examine the kinesthetic role of gesture and body movement within today’s telecommunications world.

Arziona State:
Galina Mihaleva, John Mitchell, Helen Raleigh, Joe Willie Smith

Johannes Birringer, Michèle Danjoux, Gemma Harrison, Joe Cope, Marie Denis, Natalie Verhaegen, Helenna Ren, Yoon Bo Shim, Helen Knight.

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