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Research Project - Saturday 15th - Sunday 30th July 2000

A co-operation between shinkansen London, Institute for Studies in the Arts, Arizona State University and ResCen, Middlesex University

To be held at the Intelligent Stage and Dance Studio Theater, Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona.


To create a series of fifteen to twenty 1 to 3 minute performances for simultaneous live and web presentation. These performances will occur between two spaces on the same site. This staging method will enable group process research into the structures and dramaturgical needs of live interaction across remote stages. The methodology of creation will be based in inter-authorship.

Cellbytes 2000 will present the detail of the bodies own technology newly emerging from the nature of digitalisation and its effects on humankind. Visions of the future of the body will be explored through emergent issues of the biological/digital interface, referencing topical information on genomics, cloning, robotics, mutations, nano - technology etc.

The web framework will be explored to transmit intimate spaces filled with sound, image and movement - 'jewels' or 'cameos' which one chooses to open and view for an experience of a few precious minutes. They will be performed and transmitted as live research outcomes at the end of the project (July 27th/28th 2000) and be available on the web for further dissemination beyond the project.

Initial concept - shinkansen London 1997