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Seminar 1
The Absent Body: leader – Yacov Sharir
Issues concerning computerized choreography/virtual reality and cyberspace are based on notions and imagery of travels to distant and usually outer spaces. What if instead we explore these notions turned in on themselves – our travels not to an abstract virtual "outer" space, but to the inner reaches of the way we make things work and in the physical spaces with which we are most familiar and comfortable.
Software will include 3D Studio Max, DanceForms, and Poser.


Seminar 2
Interactive Performance and Media Integration: leader – John D. Mitchell
This seminar will examine the issues surrounding the integration of live performance and new media technology and provide hands-on training in the creation of integrated multimedia performance works. This will include critical analysis of existing works and theories as well as the development of skills with hardware and software used in integrating live performance with new media technology. Interactive, immersive and tele-mediating technologies empower the performer, but only if the structure of the work takes these new abilities into account. In this workshop we will look at interactive, mediated and tele-mediated performance from the perspective of choreography in its broadest sense, the most appropriate use of these new technologies, and issues for future development. Software will include Max/MSP/Jitter and softVNS.



Cyber Character by Yacov Sharir




Interactive Performance Space